Sacred Bones Uncovers Stash of Rare 'Twin Peaks - Season Two Music and More' Soundtracks

Sacred Bones Uncovers Stash of Rare 'Twin Peaks - Season Two Music and More' Soundtracks
Cue up a damn fine cup of coffee, a slice of cherry pie and some headphones, because Sacred Bones has dug up a stash of hard-to-find Twin Peaks soundtracks. The Twin Peaks - Season Two Music and More CD was originally pressed by the David Lynch Music Company in 2007 and has since gone on to fetch high prices on sites like Discogs, but Sacred Bones will start shipping out copies at a more reasonable price starting August 28.

The soundtrack contains 24 pieces composed (with two registering as negative tracks on the disc) by Angelo Badalamenti, with contributions from Lynch. A press release notes that the music "perfectly matched the chilling, sinister, though often quite funny tone of one of the greatest television shows ever."

It's further noted that the compositions were crafted to reflect the qualities of certain characters, from troubled lovers Sheriff Harry S. Truman and Josie Packard, to murdered enigma Laura Palmer.

While the rare release has apparently fetched upwards of $100 online, Sacred Bones is offering up their sweet score for $10 while supplies last. Though the Season Two score has been hard to find, the more readily available Soundtrack from Twin Peaks was most recently re-released as a deluxe double CD in 2009 via Warner Bros.

Twin Peaks - Season Two Music and More:

0a. Abstract Mood
0b.Credit Boogie
1. Love Theme Intro
2. Shelly
3. New Shoes
4. High School Swing
5. Hayward Boogie
6. Blue Frank
7. Audrey's Prayer
8. I'm Hurt Bad
9. Cop Beat
10. Harold's Theme
11. Barbershop
12. Night Bells
13. Just You
14. Drug Deal Blues
15. Audrey
16. Josie and Truman
17. Hook Rug Dance
18. Packards' Vibration
19. Half Heart
20. Laura's Dark Boogie
21. Dark Mood Woods / The Red Room
22. Love Theme Farewell