Market Square, Royal Athletic Park, Victoria BC, September 12

SabotaMarket Square, Royal Athletic Park, Victoria BC, September 12
Photo: Kim Jay
A sparse crowd greeted Sabota at Market Square, but the energy from both band and audience was palpable — perhaps it was the burst of fake snow that carpeted the crowd early in the set during "Cooking Show." Though a touch premature, it served as an invitation to those milling around the edges to leave the shadows and fill the pit. The set moved between tracks from Sabota's self-titled LP, released earlier this year, and a more ambient mix that slowed the crowd down some, but still received a positive response.

Robbie Slade traversed the stage, in between stops at the mixing board, with a hand-held mic and trademark orange beanie, crooning to the crowd. Though relatively unknown to those outside the West Coast music scene, Sabota pulls in a strong fan base, recruiting both the Vancouver and Victoria electronic scenes — a loyalty pulled in from Slade's work with Vancouver-based Humans, and his brilliant style, which fuses grungy electro beats with elements of funk, minimal house, and pop. Regardless of the slowly-filling venue, the response from the crowd in attendance was enough to indicate that it was a good set.

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