SA-2 SA-2

SA-2 vocalist Sankofa is one of the new breed of MCs that got his start through the internet (in other words, the not-so-elusive netcee). As such, there's not much guarantee the MC will be a master mic handler, and unfortunately, Sankofa lacks the charisma he needs to stand out. He has a lot to say in a well-written way, packing the words densely into each line, but he's easily lost amongst the music. He comes through clearly on the nearly a cappella story of schoolyard slaughter; it's short and smart. In fact, much of Sankofa's writing is very intelligent and witty, if one takes the time to truly listen. Hopefully, his unimpressive presence on the mic will be corrected as the work continues, allowing Sankofa to get his message across much easier. The beats, produced by Suspended Animators (Ognihs and Manic Depressive, producing separately), are deceptively simple. Sparse but rock hard drums anchor the strings (often guitars of different sorts, but with the occasional violin) and bass, along with occasional bonus samples that slip in and right back out with ease. Ognihs succeeds with all of his beats and comes up with the best of the two instrumentals, "Untitled," before dropping the hardest and best track with "Happy Face." It may take a bit of patience, but SA-2 should satisfy. (Independent)