S.A. Andrée There's A Fault, Mix Part 2

S.A. Andrée <i>There's A Fault, Mix Part 2</i>
Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter S.A. Andrée has transformed himself into a failed Swedish explorer on his recent album There's a Fault. Before the album came out, Andrée dropped a mixtape containing some of his influences. Now, he's followed it up with a second set of tracks.

Simply titled There's A Fault, Mix Part 2, the mix features 15 songs that span everything from Iggy Pop and Bruce Haack to Washed Out and Small Black. Ultimately, the mix is successful in providing a lush demonstration of Andrée's inspiration for There's A Fault.

There's A Fault, Mix Part 2 is available for free download here courtesy of Lex Records.

There's A Fault, Mix Part 2:

1. Roj "Morning Break" + David Bowie
2. Roj "Go Without Me"
3. John Maus "Just Wait Til Next Year"
4. Gesellschaft zur Emanzipation des Samples "Schlaf (Nach Einführung Der Psychoanalyse)" + David Foster Wallace
5. Iggy Pop "Baby" + Can "Bel Air"
6. Connan Mockasin "Faking Jazz Together" + Can "Bel Air"
7. Folk & Pop Sounds of Sumatra Vol. 2 "Unknown Artist / Unknown Title"
8. Bruce Haack "Rubberbands" + Barnett Newman
9. Small Black "Camouflage"
10. Mick Smiley "Magic"
11. Washed Out "#04"
12. Arthur Russell "Tone Bone Kone"
13. Belbury Poly "Seed Ships"
14. Yellow Magic Orchestra "Loom"
15. Talking Heads "Listening Wind"