RZA Sets Sights on Bringing Wu-Tang's 36 Chambers to Broadway

RZA Sets Sights on Bringing Wu-Tang's <i>36 Chambers</i> to Broadway
As Green Day have proven, the world of Broadway can be an ideal stage for the merging of rock'n'roll and flamboyant musical theatre. With that in mind, the real test is how the New York theatre district will embrace the world of ruthless hip-hop, courtesy of the Wu-Tang Clan. After all, RZA has announced that he's considering a Broadway adaptation of the crew's legendary debut, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).

"I thought about doing 36 Chambers. I dreamed I can do it on Broadway cause I make my albums like movies," he told The Boombox. "I got people reaching out to me about Carnegie Hall... It's still in the dream world, but a lot of my dreams have come true, and I'm working on this one, baby. I think in five years it could be done, actually."

We wouldn't be able to contain ourselves if the Wu brought the motherfucking ruckus to Broadway, and with the RZA on board it's entirely possible that he'll follow through.