RZA & Faulkner "NY Anthem" (video)

RZA & Faulkner 'NY Anthem' (video)
Though Faulkner split their time between New York and L.A., it's the former that get a hearty salute in their latest single, a tag-team track with Wu-Tang Clan's RZA called "NY Anthem."

As you'd expect with a title like that, the glammy, piano-plinking rock track has both factions giving it up for the City that Never Sleeps. An in-studio-style music video has the collaborators making their way around Rick Rubin's Shangri La studio, with Lucas Asher crooning his way through the track and RZA serving up that Wu-Tang slang in a verse that shouts out Queens and dancing in Times Square for New Year's.

The track comes ahead of Faulkner's Americaneur EP, which is set to be released this August.