RZA Hints That Wu-Tang Clan's One-of-a-Kind Album Could Arrive at Art Basel

RZA Hints That Wu-Tang Clan's One-of-a-Kind Album Could Arrive at Art Basel
Wu-Tang Clan have described their one-of-a-kind album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin as a "piece of art" rather than a traditional product for consumers. It's fitting, then, that the album may soon make its debut at an art show.

Although the full details of the unveiling have yet to be announced, RZA dropped some rather telling hints in an interview with Rolling Stone. The Wu head said that he had a non-disclosure agreement and couldn't talk abut it, but he then explained: "It's been handed over to an auction house. And they plan on doing something. Art Basel is coming up. They're planning on something. That's all I can say. But it exists. And it's some very interesting people involved with it."

Art Basel holds art shows for modern and contemporary art. The next one will take place in Miami Beach in Florida from December 4 to 7, followed by an event in Hong Kong in March, and Basel, Switzerland, in June. Although it's a fair rather than an auction, as RZA describes it, the album could very well be up for sale at one of those events. Adding to the speculation that it could be at the December event, Wu-Tang celebrated their 20th anniversary at Miami's Art Basel last year.

However, the real question is will the album be able to net the $5 million price tag that has previously been attached to it?

RZA also promised that Wu-Tang have a tour in the works for 2015.

Meanwhile, A Better Tomorrow is out on December 2 through Warner Bros. Records.