Ryan Luchuck (l-oo-chuck)

Nothin’ like just a man and his piano. Well, a two-person back-up band also, but Mr. "Loo-chuck” and his keys come to the front-and-centre of these five catchy tunes. Reminiscent of a young Joe Jackson, Luchuck bangs and slides away at the ivories, creating fun, melodic and bouncy pop music about life, love and other light-hearted subjects. The "piano-man” genre isn’t something you hear a lot of these days and for this reason Luchuck is refreshing. Clean, uncluttered sound full of XTC harmonies and toe-tapping piano riffs, Luchuck says he "plays piano more like a guitar.” Maybe this could be the start of a new movement of sensitive-guy rock’n’roll to replace drug addled chic in black leather pants. Cheers Ryan for bringing some levity to my record collection. (Independent)