Ryan Hemsworth & UV boi "Gods"

Ryan Hemsworth & UV boi 'Gods'
Not only is Ryan Hemsworth pressing ahead with his Secret Songs series, the ever-busy Canadian producer is continuing to introduce his fans to even more new artists thanks to a collaboration with Aussie producer UV boi.

"Gods" is a rich, cinematic soundscape of pillowy keyboard tinkles. It gets more bass-y and beat-centric as it goes on, and a generic computer alert sound is used to great effect.

Hemsworth said in a statement, "Every collaboration I do lately starts with sending selfies back and forth, it's kind of weird, but I'm into it. A month ago my friend Nina Las Vegas introduced me to UV boi who's this Sudanese kid living in Brisbane. I really love Australia and I think the electronic music scene is budding so rapidly right now, and I can confidently say UV boi is going to play an important part in that. International collaborations have been so fun to me and this is one that came together quickly — taking influence from sci-fi soundtracks and Jhalil Beats one in the same."

Listen below.