Ryan Hemsworth "Burying the Sun"

Ryan Hemsworth 'Burying the Sun'
We're just a few days away from a glorious summer solstice, but Toronto-based rhythm twister Ryan Hemsworth apparently looks forward to "Burying the Sun." Or, at least, that's the name of the latest loosie the electronic musician has posted online.

Despite that dusk-to-dawn song title, the track sounds especially perfect for daytime play. For instance, there's the undulating waves of sea foam beat work that frame the piece, not to mention various overjoyed steel drum hits. To be fair, the song also utilizes sleepy music box melodies not unlike those you'd hear in the Rockabye Baby series, but it wakes itself up with some organic human laughter.

As we await the longest day of the year, give Hemsworth's deceptively-titled summer jam a spin down below.