Ryan Adams's Orion Goes On Sale Online

Ryan Adams's <i>Orion</i> Goes On Sale Online
Fans of prolific alt-country singer-songwriter Ryan Adams aren't used to waiting two years for a new album, but maybe it's been worth the wait. Adams revealed back in March that he was releasing what he called his "most legit METAL record." Now, that album, dubbed Orion, is about to see the light of day.

As Consequence of Sound points out, Adams has now put the record - which he has since claimed isn't actually metal, "just really really fast country with screaming and crap" - up for pre-sale on his label's website, PAXAM, here. The site claims that Orion will not be sold on CD, and will be available only in a single package that includes one clear, 180-gram LP, artwork by Away (i.e. Voivod's drummer, as previously promised), a download card for a high-quality digital copy of the album, and a double-sided 24" by 24" poster. Below the LP description, Adams adds "again, this is an extremely limited pressing. You've been warned."

So, if you want to pick up Orion, we'd suggest pre-ordering right now. The album ships May 24, which we suppose gives it a May 25 release. But if Adams is to be believed, the record might be sold out by then.


1. "Signal Fade"
2. "Imminent Galactic War"
3. "Disappyramid"
4. "Fire Away"
5. "Defenders of the Galaxy"
6. "Fire and Ice"
7. "By Force"
8. "Ghorgon, Master of War"
9. "Ariel"
10. "Electro Snake"
11. "Victims of the Ice Brigade"
12. "2,000 Ships"
13. "End of Days"