Ryan Adams Taps Voivod Drummer for New LP's Artwork, Backpedals on Calling Orion a Metal Album

Ryan Adams Taps Voivod Drummer for New LP's Artwork, Backpedals on Calling <i>Orion</i> a Metal Album
We were as skeptical as anyone that Ryan Adams was going to deliver a full-on metal album, but that's what the alt-country singer had been promising. Now that it's almost out, he's saying it's not really that metal. Imagine that. But it does have some very metal artwork courtesy of someone who pulls a lot of weight in the Canadian heavy music scene.

Away, the drummer for Quebec prog-thrash heroes Voivod, has been tapped to do the artwork for Adams's upcoming Orion. And as you can see from the cover posted above, it looks awesome, like Away's artwork always does.

And, yes, according to an update on his Facebook page, Adams is no longer considering Orion a metal disc.

"I am not saying it's 'metal' anymore - just really really fast country with screaming and crap," he posted on Facebook [via TwentyFourBit].

But, hey, it's cool. We get confused between country and metal all the time also.

You can check out one demo song from the Orion sessions that isn't making it to the album here.

As for a release date for Orion, Adams said, "about two weeks." It will come out through his PAXAM record label.

Adams's much-awaited Blackhole collection is also completed, so it looks like fans will have lots of Adams to chew on in the coming months. It just won't be as metallic as promised.

And to hear a sample of what Adams has mistaken for metal, check out the video clip below. All kidding aside, it sounds pretty good, but it's probably a good thing he went public in saying it's not metal before it was released.