Ryan Adams Reveals Details for Cardinals III/IV Album

Ryan Adams Reveals Details for <i>Cardinals III/IV</i> Album
As promised in June, prolific alt-country personality Ryan Adams will be rolling out an unreleased double-album he recorded with his former band the Cardinals. The release is called Cardinals III/IV, and now we have the tracklisting and album art.

Cardinals III/IV features 21 songs and will be available on vinyl, CD and as a digital download. While the album doesn't have a proper release date just yet, it is said to be getting a pre-order soon. For now, we can show you the in-depth package art (see above).

 A press release describes Cardinals III/IV as "a hybrid of all the records that the band had mutually consumed as kids… from influences as wide as Kiss and the Cars," adding that it's a "concept rock opera about the '80s, ninjas, cigarettes, sex and pizza." We wouldn't expect anything less from Adams.

Some tracks from the album can be downloaded here via Adams's Pax-Am Records. The label has a new, space-aged website here.

Cardinals III/IV:

Side A:

1. "Breakdown Into The Resolve"

2. "Dear Candy"

3. "Wasteland"

4. "Ultraviolet Light"

5. "Stop Playing With My Heart"

Side B:

1. "Lovely And Blue"

2. "Happy Birthday"

3. "Kisses Start Wars"

4. "The Crystal Skull"

5. "Users"

Side C:

1. "No"

2. "Numbers"

3. "Gracie"

4. "Icebreaker"

5. "Sewers at the Bottom of the Wishing Well"

Side D:

1. "Typecast"

2. "Star Wars"

3. "My Favorite Song"

4. "P.S."

5. "Death And Rats"

6. "Kill The Lights"