Ryan Adams Pens New Dio-Inspired Album

Ryan Adams Pens New Dio-Inspired Album

We all know Ryan Adams's recent, ahem, metal album, Orion, and about how he backtracked on calling it a metal album, and how it sold like mad. Well, it looks as if the singer-songwriter is already all set for his next project.

After returning from Ronnie James Dio's public memorial, the not-so-closeted metalhead was inspired to lay down some tunes. So, he did just that, using Dio as inspiration to write, um, 11 mellow, acoustic jams.

Look, we can't figure this out either. It's hard to understand how anything to do with Dio could make anyone want to write anything other than raucous metal or, at the very least, melodic hard rock with questionably dated keyboards.

But Adams says that "11 new solo tunes came out of nowhere," on a post on his Facebook page. "Day after Dio's funeral, they just fell out. Soft mellow acoustic jams - lots of New Orleans scenery and vibe from the trip."

Okay, if he got inspiration from the trip for these acoustic tunes, cool. But taking inspiration from Dio to write "acoustic jams" is strike two against Adams (the whole Orion genre-labelling incident being the first offence), with the metal community frothing at the mouth, ready to throw the winning pitch and have it sail right past him as he swings helplessly. Or maybe he'll just get beaned.

Either way, fans of Adams should be stoked, as it sounds as if this may be the start of a new flow of creativity from the man, as he went on to say on his Facebook page that he is officially "very excited again."