Rutabega/Owen Near and Far Vol. 1

The first in a series of EPs by indie label Backroad, Near and Far Vol. 1 features two acts that couldn’t be more perfect together. Both the Rutabega and Owen have the complete acoustic emo package, and when track four hits, you can’t even really tell that there has been a change in artist. The Rutabega is Johann Face, who is very simple in his songwriting, keeping it minimal — him, a guitar and a couple of unnoticeable guests. Owen is Mike Kinsella of Joan Of Arc, American Football, Cap’n Jazz and now Owls. One of the only obvious differences between the two artists is Kinsella’s less conventional style, mixing in eclectic finger picking, pedal steel and some heavenly organs. This EP is perfect for those who like to daydream about love, but it’s such a simple affair that it really is limited to that and that only. (Backroad)