Rusty Ford My Truck, My Dog And You

Rusty FordMy Truck, My Dog And You
With songs titled "I Miss You (But My Aim's Improving)" and "I Drink Because You Cry," it's easy to call Rusty Ford's music an attempt to send-up country's great traditions. All 11 songs on this debut by the BC artist are guaranteed to lighten any listener's mood, but there's nothing to suggest that Ford isn't serious about what he's doing, including his classic honky tonk suit. Furthermore, he made the right choice working with Luther Wright, whose irreverent approach was writ large with his bluegrass version of The Wall some time back. Wright assembled top-notch players for this project as well, including Chris Brown (keys) and Dan Whiteley (mandolin), making the album a great listen simply on a musical level. The question for his potential audience is how Ford's sometimes-saucy lyrics are taken, although what he can be given full credit for is consistency. Even a track as blunt as "I Hate Every Bone In Your Body (Except Mine)" is coated in enough sweetness to have you view Ford as that hard-drinking uncle who always livens up family gatherings with a steady stream of one-liners. Only those completely lacking a sense of humour won't enjoy this record. (Independent)