Russian Rapper Noize MC Jailed over Anti-Police Song

Russian Rapper Noize MC Jailed over Anti-Police Song
Anti-police songs are an important part of the rap tradition, tracing their roots to anthems like N.W.A.'s "Fuck tha Police" and Body Count's infamous "Cop Killer." Unfortunately for 25-year-old Ivan Alexeyev (aka Noize MC), Russian authorities aren't so tolerant about anti-police messages as their North American counterparts. The Russian rapper has been jailed for ten days for mocking police with his song "Kuri Bambuk."

According to the Independent, Noize MC was performing in Volgograd, Russia, on August 1 when his drummer placed a cap in front of the audience and invited them to make a cash donation. When the police asked him to stop begging, the band launched into "Kuri Bambuk."

The song's lyrics are entirely in Russian, but according to the Independent, they are about police brutality. One line reportedly translates as "Citizen! Halt. Halt. Turn out your pockets, slap, slap. Now your kidneys, kick, kick. Well off you go. Forget it, swallow it, be silent."

Right after the concert, Noize MC was arrested and found guilty of disorderly conduct the following day. He was sentenced to ten days in jail.

According to a police spokesman, "Citizen Alexeyev used foul language to address the policemen providing security at the concert, telling them to bugger off and performed this song for them."

The police claim that Alexeyev has owned up to his mistake, adding that he was feeling stress after the birth of his child the day before.