Rifftop Tent, Royal Athletic Park, Victoria BC, September 13

RuskoRifftop Tent, Royal Athletic Park, Victoria BC, September 13
Photo: Kim Jay
For the last performance of the night in the Rifftop Tent, Rusko brought the house — or the tent — crashing down. The Leeds-born DJ's stage presence alone nearly precedes him — his exuberance and command of the crowd is an absolute feat, as the barely contained mob spilled from the outskirts of the tent and hundreds of arms were the only thing to break the surface for air. A staple in the dubstep scene — an exhausted genre in recent years — Rusko stuck mainly within the confines, with a bit of house thrown in, but the man is a master of his medium and the older crowd and die-hard fans were evidence of that.

Rusko's energy alone could have driven the set, his buoyancy absolutely contagious, dancing harder than most of the crowd and rocking air keyboard while pulling out the running man. A throwback to 2 Unlimited's "Get Ready For This" set the crowd up to roll right into "Woo Boost" and the slick drop — the slowest of the set — momentarily subdued the masses and gave way to a slight breather in an otherwise frenetic set.

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