Rush's Geddy Lee Has No Plans to Release New Music

He still enjoys playing in his home studio, though
Rush's Geddy Lee Has No Plans to Release New Music
While it was recently revealed that Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson was at work on new material in the wake of the Canadian trio's decision to call it a day, bassist Geddy Lee has revealed he has no plans to release any new material.

When asked by Prog magazine [via Blabbermouthabout the prospects of new material seeing release, the bassist explained that "the honest answer is no. Not really."

"I go down to my studio, which I do, and I play these bass guitars because I have quite a few of them and they're fun to play," Lee explained. "I like to keep my fingers in shape. When I play, ideas come out, so I record them and then I forget about them. When I go back to them, I'm sure half of them will be shit and erase them. But I fully intend to go down one day and see what I've gathered down there."

Lee added that once he's finished promoting a new book about his collection of basses, "I do hope to become a musician again! But I have no idea what form that will take. I have no plans and I don't know where I'm headed."

Lee's book, fittingly titled Geddy Lee's Big Book of Beautiful Bass, is officially out today. Last month, Rush gave their 1978 LP Hemispheres the deluxe reissue treatment for its 40th anniversary.