Rush Compile 15 Albums into Three 'Sectors' Box Sets

Rush Compile 15 Albums into Three 'Sectors' Box Sets
If you're getting excited for Rush's upcoming Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland release, then you're going to be even more pumped up to learn that Canada's favourite prog-rock trio has even more releases on the horizon. On November 21, Universal will issue three separate six-disc box sets that, together, account for the band's entire tenure with Mercury Records.

Entitled Sectors, each box set includes five CDs in chronological order, plus a DVD containing one of the albums on a 5.1 surround sound DVD.

Sector 1 spans from 1974's self-titled debut to 1976's first-ever live album for the band, All the World a Stage, and includes a high-resolution DVD for 1975's Fly by Night. Sector 2 goes from 1977's Farewell to Kings (which also comes on the DVD) to 1981's live LP Exit...Stage Left. Finally, Sector 3 ranges from 1982's Signals (which also gets the DVD treatment) to 1988's double live album A Show of Hands.

The CDs will come in mini-jackets that replicate the original album packaging. Each Sector will come with a booklet that contains photos, lyrics and credits. Together, the three boxes form a Rush CD road case. See the box contents below.

Sector 1:

Rush (1974)
Fly By Night (1975)
Caress of Steel (1975)
2112 (1976)
All the World's a Stage (1976)
Fly by Night (DVD)

Sector 2:

A Farewell to Kings (1977)
Hemispheres (1978)
Permanent Waves (1980)
Moving Pictures (1981)
Exit...Stage Left (1981)
A Farewell to Kings (DVD)

Sector 3:

Signals (1982)
Grace Under Pressure (1984)
Power Windows (1985)
Hold Your Fire (1987)
A Show of Hands (1988)
Signals (DVD)