The Rural Alberta Advantage "Don't Haunt This Place"

The Rural Alberta Advantage 'Don't Haunt This Place'
There's something difficult about pronouncing the word "rural." 30 Rock encapsulated this beautifully with the "Rural Juror" gag. I also find myself struggling to say the Rural Alberta Advantage, unless I'm mindful of what I'm actually saying. Thankfully, the band, which originally formed in Alberta but now call Toronto home, make music that's much simpler than their name.

As we previously reported, the trio, featuring Paul Banwatt (also of Woodhands), Amy Cole and Nils Eddenloff, recently signed with Saddle Creek (home to Bright Eyes and Cursive, as well as Canucks Sebastien Grainger, Land of Talk and Tokyo Police Club in the U.S.) to put out their Alberta-themed debut album, Hometowns, originally released last year independently through their website.

Lifted from that album is "Don't Haunt This Place," a perfect taster that demonstrates both the simplicity and beauty that courses through their stark music. There's some great contrast in how Eddenloff's lethargic vocals, Cole's innocent back-ups and the sombre combo of cello and keyboards rebound off the superman drumming of Banwatt. His manic delivery gives the rather tenebrous melodies a mighty jolt to their system, which shakes up the arrangement.

Hometowns is set to drop on July 7.

You can catch the RAA live throughout the summer:

5/22 Buffalo, NY - Mohawk Place
6/21 Madison, WI - High Noon Saloon
6/23 Winnipeg, MB - Royal Albert Arms
6/25 Calgary, AB - Sled Island Fest
6/26 Calgary, AB - Sled Island Fest
7/9 San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill
7/25 Guelph, ON - Hillside Festival
7/26 Guelph, ON - Hillside Festival
8/8 Wolfe Island, ON - Wolfe Island Musicfest
8/24 Chicago, IL - Downtown Sound / Pritzker Pavillion / Millenium Park

The Rural Alberta Advantage "Don't Haunt This Place"