Run With the Kittens, the Stepkids, Adam & the Amethysts and the Paper Lions Hit Exclaim! TV

Run With the Kittens, the Stepkids, Adam & the Amethysts and the Paper Lions Hit Exclaim! TV
If you've been following the growing catalogue of Exclaim! TV videos and performances, you know that the crew has been very busy scheduling and editing many great band performances in and around the Exclaim! office. This past week has been no exception, with performances from another handful of high-quality acts. Check out the Exclaim! TV section for all the latest clips, and here are just a few of the highlights.

The first cold morning of fall brought with it a performance by Toronto-based genre mashers Run With the Kittens (pictured). The guys performed "Sun Don't Ever Shine" and "Bury Me," as well as answered a few questions from the Exclaim! Questionnaire.

Then we had the Stepkids, who showed of their highly technical and musically sound instrumentation for our cameras. These jazz-infused virtuosos performed "Shadows on Behalf" and "Suburban Dream" on Exclaim!'s back patio, drawing a small audience as the performance went on.

Indie folksters Adam & the Amethysts also made a appearance in Toronto to share performances of a couple of their tracks. Check them out doing "I'm a Medium" and "Flickering Flashlight," or download MP3s of the live performances via the SoundCloud player at the bottom of each article.

Lastly, in addition to gracing the crew with a performance a couple weeks back, the Paper Lions brought with them some surprising snacks from their native land of PEI. The guys were courteous enough to shuck some oysters fresh from the Atlantic for the Exclaim! staff brave enough to delve into the rather delicate midday snack. Check out the Paper Lions' oyster ambush for yourself.

For more exclusive performances and interviews, hit up the Exclaim! TV section of the website.