Run with the Hunted Run with the Hunted

The "modern hardcore" moniker usually sees me reaching for the barf-bag, as most under this umbrella opt for sloppy seconds when it comes to musical ideas and are too lazy to be paid any attention to. Run with the Hunted are almost everything these bands are not. In an era where redundancy and staleness go unchecked, a band this spirited, explosive and audacious are a welcome change of pace. Comparisons to other acts are inevitable, but I'm hard-pressed to drop names to clarify, which is a good thing. Therein lies the album's strength: it isn't too scatterbrained and outlandish, making it easy for the listener to engage. But it is also not too familiar for its own good. You'll get occasional finger licking nods to Botch, the charged and relentless attack of Catharsis, and some of the emotional rage only 108 can manage. The tasteful moments of '90s metalcore mosh are a nice addition, when not over-done, as demonstrated by this talented group. Thankfully, Run with the Haunted aren't solely concerned with personal subject matters, but actually pay the world they live in attention, which is refreshing since their peers are caught up in perpetual melodrama that became old five years ago. Yes, there are some dramatic moments on this thing, but done in thoughtful moderation. This 11-song collection is quite impressive, dynamic and rewarding, and very deserving of your time. This is one of the best modern hardcore releases I've heard this year. (Panic)