Run Away From the Humans We Exist

Considering the unrelenting popularity of the Postal Service, it isn’t really a surprise that there are more and more bands beginning to emerge who share a similar sound. Now, it could be a case of the chicken and the egg deciding if Run Away From the Humans would have sounded this way without a slight prod from the owners of Sub Pop’s best-selling album of all time, but thankfully We Exist is more than a mere homage. We Exist is a surprisingly well-developed debut for a band that have been together for less than a year. It probably helps that all three members have been either members of bands or DJs for the better part of a decade, and that diversity makes for an interesting listen. It isn’t all about the Postal Service though because even on a six track EP, the band are able to show quite a few sides of their collective personalities. The most engaging song, "Lost My Way,” features practically no guitars at all, preferring to use a driving house beat to get its point across while others are a bit more predictable, but nicely done nonetheless. Only time will tell is Run Away From the Humans can sustain this momentum until their first full-length album appears. (Expedition Zero One One)