Ruin the Classics with MS Paint Album Covers

Ruin the Classics with MS Paint Album Covers
From the rise of Album Tacos to the longevity of the classic Sleeveface, there are few things more fun than Internet-based memes featuring classic album covers. That's why it's with great joy we bring you our latest find: MS Paint Album Covers.

The Stranger points to a Flickr album that features 642 entries of classic album covers created on the poor man's Photoshop. Compiler Marc Fischer explains the concept's origins with the following statement:

The drawings in this collection were primarily made by various users in discussion forums on the websites and Using MS Paint, and other rudimentary computer drawing programs, users attempted to recreate their favorite album covers and sometimes let others on the forum guess the band and title from the artwork. Given that the websites are largely devoted to underground heavy metal bands, metal album covers form the largest percentage of the recreations (but are not the only albums included). While some users "cheated" by using a tracing function in the program, most attempted to recreate the covers freehand with just a mouse or the touch pad on their laptops. Some gave themselves a limit of five minutes to recreate the most recognizable essentials. Here is a selection from several very long threads on the two forums.

In November 2010, stopped hosting discussion forums and all old content was lost. This collection will continue to grow as I am sent or discover more images on other forums.

While there are definitely some great metal albums among the 11 pages of drawings, the real treasures are in self-serious rock albums like Radiohead's Kid A or Godspeed You! Black Emperor's Lift Yr Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven, both of which are lightened up by the childlike nature of their shitty recreations.

 Check out all 642 MS Paint Album Covers here.