Rufus Wainwright Announces Return of McGarrigle/Wainwright Christmas Concert

Rufus Wainwright Announces Return of McGarrigle/Wainwright Christmas Concert
Rufus Wainwright has announced that following a two-year pause, the McGarrigle/Wainwright's family Christmas show returns this Holiday season. The long-running affair took a break the past few years due to Wainwright's mother Kate McGarrigle's battle with cancer, which sadly ended when the folk musician died in January of 2010.

"Unfortunately she passed away and we needed to take a two year hiatus just to get the spirit back," Wainwright told Rolling Stone. "We're a little cheerier now, and so we're bringing them back."

The yuletide-themed concerts, which will take  place December 11 at the Theatre St. Denis in Montreal and December 15 at Manhattan's Town Hall venue, will find Wainwright joined by his sister Martha, father Loudon, and his aunt Anna McGarrigle tackling Christmas classics and maybe a few surprises too.

"We basically stick with what's good, and part of that is looking for the old favorites and also looking for some new material or even writing new material," he said, before dishing on his own personal taste in Christmas music. "I'm a Judy Garland-loving, gay, lapsed Catholic, un-baptized, circumcised person! [Laughs] So I love them all. You know, I'm a classical music buff, so you can't help but to adore the liturgical music, like Handel and Mozart, or Bach. But then, on the other hand, I like a good show tune as well. And most argue that the best songs are actually written by Jews, which is very interesting. Irving Berlin, especially – "White Christmas" – so, I don't know. It's hard to say."

On top of the seasonal concerts, Rufus is still working on that Mark Ronson-produced pop album, which has still yet to receive a release date. Wainwright is, however, thrilled to be working with Ronson.

"We're both really in our prime – in terms of being in our thirties, and we've had certain successes. We can enjoy each other's company and each other's processes and it's just a lot of fun."