Rubik Bad Conscience Patrol

Helsinki, Finland’s Rubik are on to something, maybe not something huge but something. Their debut album, Bad Conscience Patrol, is unrelenting, urgent and fresh. Vocalist Artturi Taira captures innocence and playful lust in each breath while his band build light-monopolising atmospheres. Relying heavily on new technologies, the electronica-tinged rock dances just as easily as the classic rock solos. Such class and style are reminiscent of Mew or Bloc Party, while also making use of effective volume and tempo changes in the name of Anathallo or Brand New, but sounding nothing like either. "Hinges” uses haunting vocal distortion and bass lines to render empathy from the most hollow of souls, like a new wave Michael Jackson. Bad Conscience Patrol is fundamentally pop, just a little disjointed and toyed with. The psychedelic and definitely not sober "Wrappt in Carpt” grows with nimble synth, while "Bill Withers” rocks out with raunchy guitars and phenomenal drumming. These boys are without a doubt confused, but instead of laying down passionless cuts they genre dip like it’s a sport, melding everything together with meaningful melodies and intriguing compositions. If only every band had this much guts.

(Fullstream, (Fullsteam)