Röyksopp 'The Inevitable End' (album stream)

Röyksopp 'The Inevitable End' (album stream)
Electronic duo Röyksopp recently announced that The Inevitable End will be the last traditional LP they ever release, and you can hear it in its entirety right now at Exclaim.ca.

While the pair isn't calling it quits in terms of music-making, the forthcoming record will be their "goodbye to the traditional album format." The statement from Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland also noted that The Inevitable End marks a shift to "darker subject matter, with emphasis on the lyrical content," making it the duo's most personal release to date.

The sinister vibes are apparent from the get-go, with synth-heavy opener "Skulls" setting the tone with dark if barely decipherable vocals. Frequent collaborator Robyn chips in on "Monument," but comes back much more menacing on "Rong," demanding to know, "What the fuck is wrong is wrong with you?" The monotone question is repeated and melded with the more angelic side of Robyn's range for an eerie, orchestral track that is as far away from the dancefloor-ready anthems they've previously banged out as you can get.

Other vocal contributions come from Ryan James ("Sordid Affair"), Susanne Sundfør ("Save Me," "Running to the Sea"), and Jamie McDermott with the Irrepressibles offering their talent on "You Know I Have to Go," "I Had This Thing," "Here She Comes Again" and "Compulsion."

There's an added heaviness to the album knowing that it may be the last time we hear a full-length effort from the duo, but it's appropriately brought to a close with "Thank You," a short, sweet, digitized ditty that can easily serve as a mutual expression of gratitude between artist and fan.

The Inevitable End arrives in Canada on November 11 via Arts & Crafts, but you can listen to the duo's final album offering in its entirety right now below. Note that the player is geoblocked to Canada.