Royal Trux Reissue 'Singles, Live, Unreleased'

Royal Trux Reissue 'Singles, Live, Unreleased'
Spaced-out and scuzzy Washington, DC alt-rockers Royal Trux may have broken up way back in 2001, but the outfit are hardly forgotten. While band member Jennifer Herrema morphed into the gutter glam project RTX after splitting from co-founder Neil Hagerty, the original outfit's back catalogue has slowly but steadily been getting the reissue treatment the past few years. Having much of their studio album output covered already, Drag City  is ready to roll out a dusted-off version of the band's drug-fuelled odds 'n' sods collection, Singles, Live, Unreleased.

True to its name, the three-LP/two-CD set, originally released in 1997, cobbles together a mammoth-sized tracklisting made up of the band's early singles, concert recordings and previously unheard B-sides and demos. According to a press release, the 32-song set is being delivered as a "profusely illustrated" package.

"You may never understand unless you sit in a crouch for three days, on the balls of your feet with the keens pointing out like arrows before you. And then MAYBE you'll know how it feels," the label obtusely describes of the decadent duo. "Some people in this life have no choice, they've been Indians since the day they were born. Others take it upon themselves. This was Royal Trux."

Drag City re-releases Singles, Live, Unreleased on November 8.

Singles, Live, Unreleased:

1. "Esso Dame"
2. "Mercury"
3. "No Fixed Address"
4. "Red Tiger"
5. "Lucy Peaupaux"
6. "June Night Afternoon"
7. "Steal Your Face"
8. "Back to School"
9. "Faca Amolada"
10. "Luminous Dolphin"
11. "Spike Cyclone"
12. "Vile Child"
13. "Law Man"
14. "Shockwave Rider"
15. "Chairman Blow"
16. "Womban"
17. "Cut You Loose"
18. "Baghdad Buzz"
19. "Hero/Zero"
20. "Statik Jakl"
21. "Gett Off"
22. "Teeth"
23. "Cleveland"
24. "Theme from M*A*S*H"
25. "Strawberry Soda"
26. "Sunflavor"
27. "Love Is..."
28. "Ratcreeps"
29. "Hair Beach"
30. "Sometimes"
31. "Signed, Confused"
32. "Aviator Blues"