Royal Family and the Poor The Temple of the 13th Tribe

The mere mention of Factory Records should effectuate Pavlovian salivation in any music nerd, and for good reason — the label churned out so many revolutionary acts that an entire film was dedicated to its sordid, yet crucial existence. But somewhere along the line, the Royal Family and the Poor drowned in this strong talent pool after releasing two quality discs for the label. Now Boutique Records gives the reissue treatment to both, but most notable is the band’s 1984 debut Temple of the 13th Tribe. Produced by Joy Division/New Order bassist Peter Hook, the album has all the brooding ambiance and experimental quirks of any early Factory recording, all cemented by front-man Mike Keane’s fluid incantations. To top it off, the re-release sports six previously unavailable tracks cut by Factory sound-god Martin Hannett. An interesting document sure to add to the Factory legacy. (Boutique)