Royal Canoe 'Today We're Believers' (album stream)

Royal Canoe'Today We're Believers' (album stream)
The wait for Royal Canoe's Today We're Believers has been a little longer than expected, but for those who have been eagerly anticipating the in-store release, the wait is almost over. The eclectic Winnipeg pop act will officially drop the album on September 3 through Nevado/Roll Call, and it's available to stream ahead of time on

The record features quirky arrangements that draw heavily on hip-hop and R&B influences while offering a diverse range of pop hooks, rock guitars, baroque flourishes and electronic experimentation. Frontman Matt Peters tells Exclaim! that the songs were typically composed around a computer rather than through jamming or traditional songwriting methods; read the interview here.

Royal Canoe's unique approach resulted in songs like "Bathtubs," which overlays its minimal grooves with stabs of strings and a hollered mega-chorus. Elsewhere, the title track is a slinky, synth-leaning number with pitch-altered vocal harmonies, and "Hold on to the Metal" swells to ascendant crescendos with wordless vocal hooks aplenty.

Stream it below and see all Royal Canoe's upcoming tour dates here.