Royal Canoe "Birthday" (video)

Royal Canoe "Birthday" (video)
In what is surely one of the creepiest children's birthday parties we've ever seen, eclectic Winnipeg pop combo Royal Canoe have shared a music video for their song "Birthday."

The song is a quirky pop tune that veers between beat-driven indie rock and pitch-shifted hip-hop. The clip starts off unassumingly enough, with a birthday celebration at a diner, but things take a dark and surreal turn with an old man's face pasted on a young woman's body, a cook licking burgers, a kid drinking a mysterious blue liquid, and a man getting struck with some sort of air bullet.

Scroll past Royal Canoe's tour schedule to watch it [via Noisey].

The song comes from this year's Today We're Believers.

Tour dates:

11/14 London, UK - The Black Heart

11/15 Brighton, UK - The Hope

11/16 Manchester, UK - Fallow Cafe

11/20 Brooklyn, NY - Glasslands Gallery

11/21 Kingston, ON - Queens University

11/22 Quebec City, QC - Le Pantoum

11/23 Montreal, QC - M For Montreal @ Divan Orange

11/24 Toronto, ON - The Garrison