Rough Trade Gets Fever Ray, Crystal Castles, Washed Out for Synth Wave 10

Rough Trade Gets Fever Ray, Crystal Castles, Washed Out for <i>Synth Wave 10</i>
In a move that will surely piss-off vinyl fetishists, Rough Trade Shops is prepping a new CD-only compilation featuring some of the finest synth music-indebted acts of the day. Titled Synth Wave 10, the upcoming collection brandishes a list of well-known acts and underground artists the world over. And, seriously, what better way to appreciate icy synth lines than through the cold precision of the compact disc? A vinyl pop would ruin that clarity.

A press release reveals a number of heavy hitters, from Canadian chaos-seekers Crystal Castles to Cold Cave to Fever Ray, contributing rare and exclusive tracks. The collection does contain a bunch of up-and-comers though, including Canadian acts Terror Bird, Cosmetics and Grimes, as well as moderate buzz bands Zola Jesus and Washed Out. Another highlight should be current Glass Candy mastermind and Italo disco enthusiast Johnny Jewel's contribution "The Cold World Melts," under the name Soft Metals on the Desire track "Don't Call."

Synth Wave 10 looks like a good primer for today's keyboard-friendly musical climate. You can also check out Fever Ray's contribution, a cover of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds' "Stranger Than Kindness," below.

Synth Wave 10 will be released by Rough Trade Shops on November 22 in the UK. Check out the full tracklisting below.

Synth Wave 10:

1. Ye Olde Maids "Cocoa Cherubs"

2. Crystal Castles "Empathy"

3. Fever Ray "Stranger than Kindness"

4. Blank Dogs "Heat and Depression"

5. 2vm "Ponika"

6. Led Er Est "Scissors"

7. Terror Bird "Shadows in the Halls"

8. Zola Jesus "Night"

9. Washed Out "New Theory"

10. Cosmetics "Black Leather Gloves"

11. Desire "Don't Call"

12. Cold Cave "I.C.D.K."

13. Soft Metals "The Cold World Melts"

14. Void Vision "In 20 Years"

15. Xeno & Oaklander "Preuss"

16. Factory Floor "Lying"

17. S.C.U.M "Ocean of White"

18. Design a Wave "Remedy"

19. Grimes "Avi"

20. Le Syndicat Electronique "On Strike"