The Rough Boys 'Blood Booze and Gasoline' (EP Stream)

The Rough Boys'Blood Booze and Gasoline' (EP Stream)
If you're unsure of what to start sluggin' down at your next punky house party, Toronto ragers the Rough Boys are giving you three options: Blood, Booze and Gasoline. If you're not sold by that alone, you can hear four new tunes from the band's new EP of the same name to get your motor running.

Opener "Before the Devil Knows I'm Dead" fires on all cylinders, winding speedy punk riffs, gnarly screams and Castrol-dripping beats up into a firestorm of furiousness. "Hogtown" brings the tempo down a bit to talk about the band's hometown, while the title track delivers a hard-partying, live-in-the-moment message.

A video for "Blood, Booze and Gasoline" will be unveiled soon, but for now you can stream the audio portion of the EP down below.