Rotten Sound Murderworks

With the unfortunate and untimely demise of the mighty Nasum, Finland’s Rotten Sound are next in line to be devoured hungrily by legions of grind fans. Their last album, Exit (on Willowtip Records) is incredible; this reissue of their previous disc, 2002’s Murderworks, is just as essential to the grind fan. These 14 maniacally high-energy songs are heavy on the treble, heavy on the energy and ludicrously heavy on the metal; these guys are perhaps only matched by Nasum and a couple Napalm Death albums in terms of sheer energy. With a good amount of punk and hardcore nihilism, political and socially aware lyrics, and some of the tightest grindcore drumming around (this guy is severely underrated), Murderworks is a must-have for grind fans who missed it the first time around. Also includes one video clip and two live songs — all of which are the same from the original version, so there’s nothing new on here. (Relapse)