Rotorvator E Vivi E I Mort

RotorvatorE Vivi E I Mort
Roughly translating to "the living and the dead," E Vivi E I Mort is the debut record from blackened industrial drone-mongers Rotorvator. Hailing from Italy, Rotorvator have fashioned a brutally metallic, mechanical sound that drags the fiery, clanging pulse of industrial into black metal's realm of brimstone and ice. The production is deliberately distorted and under heavy pressure, muddying the vocals and making the percussion sound thin and distance. However, the electric feedback and crackle, as well as weird metallic shrieks, are close, immediate and strangely clear, creating an odd disconnect between the lo-fi of black metal and the robotic clarity of industrial. The songs themselves are merciless blasts — noisy, ill-tempered pieces that sound as they are being performed by shackled, haunted hardware. Rotorvator unquestionably have a unique vision and aesthetic, and as they refine their execution and bring balance to the tension between "the living and the dead," their work will only become stronger. (Crucial Blast)