Rose Windows The Sun Dogs

Rose WindowsThe Sun Dogs
Chris Cheveyo (lead composer behind Seattle, WA septet Rose Windows) is evidently a man who wholeheartedly believes there's still much ground to be broken in the musical world. On debut album The Sun Dogs, Rose Windows' eclectic mix of sounds and varied instrumentation is unable to be pinned down to any particular genre — their Facebook page describes them simply as "insufferable psychedelic garbage." Some acts these days flirt with some form of chic psychedelia, but Rose Windows fully embrace the aesthetic on tracks like "Walkin With a Woman," which sounds something like the Doors at their darkest. Yet "psychedelic" is somehow both too broad and too simple a term to define The Sun Dogs. The group draw influences not only from classic American rock'n'roll, but Eastern traditions as well, most evident on hazy number "Indian Summer." At times, The Sun Dogs sounds more like a well-aged album from a long-forgotten genre that has been rediscovered. This feeling of something ancient is instilled in The Sun Dogs, which possesses a strangely hard-to-pin-down sense of mysterious nostalgia, demonstrating that the creation of original music has not yet become a foolish ambition. (Sub Pop)