Rory Gallagher Wheels Within Wheels

Irish rock guitar icon Rory Gallagher has been reincarnated for this posthumous acoustic record 13 years after his passing. Gallagher had always wanted to release a folk record and his brother Donal has now made that happen. Using a combination of studio, live and collaborative tracks, Donal has pieced together the album he believes Rory would have made. Gallagher's many influences are represented from the flamenco "Flight to Paradise" and the skiffle "Goin' To My Hometown" (with skiffle king Lonnie Donegan) to the Celtic "Barley & Grape Rag" with the Dubliners and a few straight-ahead full band folk rock tunes. One of the most enticing pieces is an impromptu live jam where Gallagher leads harmonica player Mark Feltham and banjoist Bela Fleck through "Amazing Grace," "Walkin' Blues" and "Blue Moon of Kentucky," surely leaving scorch marks on all three instruments involved. (BMG)