Roommates Nn

Roommates <i>Nn</i>
Toronto, ON fuzz pop wizards Roommates have released new cassette Nn, and we have it up for your streaming pleasure. The release, which marks the second in a series of four cassettes that will be released through Scotch Tapes, comes loaded with a pair of killer tracks - "Kelly, I'm Not a Creep" and "1st Floor Blues" - and can be heard below.

To refresh your memory, Roommates come from Fucked Up/Young Governor's Ben Cook and Mark Fosco (of Marvelous Darlings). And, like the band's previous release, this isn't one to sleep on, with Nn being limited to 150 copies.

To order a copy, click here, and take a listen below.

All four cassettes will later be pressed as a vinyl release, though no firm release date has yet been set.