Roni Size Return To V

Although drum & bass is in the "nap time” phase of its genre cycle, and Sir Size’s sound still revolves closely around those present in 2000’s In the Mode, Return to V is a strong album. Yep, that’s what I said. While it can’t be called unique, it is still Roni-Sized. He’s got the Midas touch when it comes to speedy, classic drum & bass beats, and he knows how to arrange the blocky bass, pointed distortion, and the right vocal for maximum effect. Size has always sought out strong and unique vocalists, and to prove it Dynamite MC and Die make appearances, as do chatterer Wilks, soulstress Beverly Knight, nu jazzist Viktor Duplaix and human beat box Rahzel. Large, fast on its feet and very musical, V keeps up the quality while running on the spot. Although tracks like "Sing” and "Out of Breath” are rehashings of ITM tunes, to dismiss V for being too similar to his other albums would be a mistake. (Thrive)