Ronderlin Wave Another Day Goodbye

I’m beginning to think that the only career path open to people in Sweden is within the music industry. Ronderlin are yet another Swedish band to end up on North American shores with a debut album that implies that every Swede is capable of writing a splendid pop song. Wave Another Day Goodbye is a joyous collection of jangly indie-pop that could very well make Ronderlin the next big thing out of Scandinavia. They share a similar musical pedigree as the heavily touted Sondre Lerche, meaning that there’s no reason they shouldn’t be showered with a similar level of critical acclaim. Naturally there’s touches of other bands too, like Badly Drawn Boy, Rufus Wainwright and a very occasional sprinkling of Belle & Sebastian. The band’s real strength is the music, with an emphasis on melody and rich arrangements that keep the whole album upbeat. Even behind the sparseness of an acoustic guitar, there’s a optimism and happiness that is very infectious. They also understand the importance of brevity in pop music and there’s not a single song that overstays its welcome. While some might try to pass Ronderlin off as just another Swedish band, Wave Another Day Goodbye possesses enough personality of its own (not to mention more than a few very catchy tunes) to make it well worth listening to. (Hidden Agenda)