Rondellus Sabbatum

Considering that medieval/choral type music was the most popular form of music centuries ago, and the fact that Black Sabbath were the originators of hard sinister rock music, then having the "past” cover the "future,” which now is our "past” seems ideal. Thus, Sabbatum, a medieval tribute to Black Sabbath, is born. Performed and translated the way it would have been back then, in Latin, these select Black Sabbath classics are a refreshing listen. The professionals on these versions are like the grandfathers to Ozzy and company — they will equally spook you out, make you groove, make you melt and certainly summon bats in all its chamber reverberated cave-like cathedral glory. You could also probably play it in the background during Christmas dinner and get away with it. Consider it retribution against all those times back in the day when your mom used to tell you to "turn down that devil music!” (Music Cartel)