Ron Sexsmith Announces 'Carousel One' LP

Ron Sexsmith Announces 'Carousel One' LP
In the last couple of years, Ron Sexsmith has worked as a collaborator on albums from the likes of Jenn Grant, Andy Kim and Kevin Hearn, but the journeyman songwriter hasn't actually released anything of his own since 2013's Forever Endeavour. That will change on March 31 when he issues Carousel One on Warner Music Canada.

The album was produced by Jim Scott (Wilco, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters) and features veteran backing players Bob Glaub (bass), Jon Graboff (guitar), Don Heffington (drums) and John McGinty (keyboards).

"I didn't realize until we were putting the songs together for Carousel One that this would be more outgoing, there's a lot more humour," Sexsmith said in a statement. "I mean, there's even a smiling picture on the cover, which I've never had before. I just hope it doesn't scare the children."

The album contains 14 new tunes, plus two bonus tracks on the CD and digital versions that aren't on the vinyl. Carousel One is named after the location in the Los Angeles airport where travellers pick up luggage from flights arriving from Toronto.

Pre-orders begin on February 17. In the meantime, scroll past the tracklist below to hear the folk-rocking album cuts "Saint Bernard" and "Can't Get My Act Together."

Carousel One:

1. Sure as the Sky
2. Saint Bernard
3. Loving You
4. Before the Night Is Gone
5. Lucky Penny
6. Getaway Car
7. Nothing Feels the Same Anymore
8. Sun's Coming Out
9. Lord Knows
10. All Our Tomorrows
11. No One
12. Can't Get My Act Together
13. Tumbling Sky
14. Many Times
15. The Other Side (bonus track)
16. Is Anyone Going to San Antone (bonus track)