Romano, Sclavis, Texier, Le Querrec African Flashback

This CD has a story woven into it that details the love and respect three musicians and a master photographer have for music, art and Mother Africa. It is the tale’s end of a 15-year journey taken in performance tours and photographs through the African continent by veteran French musicians Aldo Romano (drums, guitar), Louis Sclavis (reeds) and Henri Texier (bass), with the phenomenal Guy Le Querrec (Leica camera). The album’s photographs are accompanied by pieces that the musicians composed, selecting four photographs each as themes. The resulting music is a varied and potent mix of African grooves, Brazilian pop, rock stomps and withering free jazz all played with an effortlessness that makes it look easy. Nothing could be further from the truth as these men are masters of their craft. They know how to lay down an astonishing diversity of music yet put their own stamp on each and every musical photo, and they are not beyond poking fun at the pompous with a march that makes sly reference to the perils of power. "Surreal Politik,” indeed. Highly recommended. (Label Bleu)