The Rolling Stones to Drop Massive New Box Set

The Rolling Stones to Drop Massive New Box Set
Next year, the Rolling Stones will celebrate a milestone that's almost unprecedented in the world of rock'n'roll: their 50th anniversary. We still don't know how they're going to mark the occasion, but we do know that the band are planning to release a massive box set on April 11.

An announcement on the band's website reveals that the set will include a whopping 45 singles. This adds up to a total of 173 tracks, including a slew of rarities, remixes and live cuts. Eighty of the tracks are currently not available on any official release.

Record collectors will be pleased to learn that the set "Lovingly [replicates] the original seven-inch, twelve-inch and CD singles in miniature picture sleeves and labels." The box also contains a 32-page hardback book with images and an essay by journalist Paul Sexton, plus an interview with ex-bassist Bill Wyman.

A few days after the box set drops, the Stones will release another single: a limited ed-tion seven-inch of "Brown Sugar" will arrive in stores on Record Store Day, which takes place on April 16.

Unfortunately for Stones fans, the rock'n'roll dinosaurs may not be touring for their 50th anniversary. According to the Daily Mirror, the band's relationship has soured after guitarist Keith Richards said that singer Mick Jagger has a "tiny todger."