Roll the Dice Remixed by Pole for 'In Dubs' EP

Roll the Dice Remixed by Pole for 'In Dubs' EP
Remix EPs are a dime a dozen these days, but few of them look quite as promising as this. The upcoming In Dubs EP comes courtesy of Swedish electronic duo Roll the Dice, who recruited German producer Pole to rework their Exclaim!-approved 2011 album In Dust. It will be out in Europe on November 19 via the Leaf Label.

As the title suggests, this EP features dub remixes of three of the tracks from In Dust, all done courtesy of Pole. The titles have been altered to reflect the new remixes, with "Call All Workers" becoming "Calling Dub Workers," "Idle Hands" becoming "Echo Hands" and "The Skull Is Built into the Tool" becoming "The Skull Is Built into the Version."

The EP will be released on 12-inch silver and black vinyl and digital download. According to an announcement from the the label, "These are dramatic and harmonious rerubs worthy of the adopted dub reggae nomenclature."

Pre-order it here.

In related news, Roll the Dice just released a video for their brooding In Dust track "Cause and Effect." Watch that extremely eerie, automotive-themed clip below.

In Dubs:

1. "Calling Dub Workers"
2. "Echo Hands"
3. "Skull Is Built into the Version"