Roger Miret and the Disasters Roger Miret and the Disasters

Agnostic Front singer and hardcore original Roger Miret explores his ’77 roots on his solo debut. The sound on this is all old style street/oi/punk. The tunes are melodic and quite catchy and Miret even tries his hand at singing and playing guitar, succeeding at both. The band includes member of the Bruisers and the Krays, and guest backup vocals from Dropkick Murphys members Al Barr, Ken Casey and Matt Kelly, among others. The unfortunate thing about this record is that a lot of the songs are really dumb. Of course you may have come to expect that kind of thing, being punk rock and all, but the level of thuggery on here is cranked up pretty high, especially on songs like "Give ’Em The Boot,” "It’s Alright” and "Boys Will Be Boys.” This is more enjoyable if you don’t take the macho, "I’ll kick your fuckin’ ass” mentality too seriously. (Hellcat)