Roger Miret and the Disasters 1984

1984, as in the year the sound of this record hearkens back to and not the Orwell novel. On the debut from his newest venture, Agnostic Front co-founder Roger Miret trades in his godfather of New York hardcore chops for a stab at the slowed-down, oi’d-up, chant-along street punk of West Coast brethren Social Distortion and Rancid. Coming from someone who was a key figure in developing and defining a genre two decades ago, it’s a little surprising that this record isn’t more original than it is. Ramones-brand songs about New York and street life and how punk isn’t as good as it used to be are all fine and well, but they’re not exactly groundbreaking. The 13-track disc’s saving grace is that while not terribly original or innovative, it is sincere and authentic. Miret knows of what he writes and the music comes not from a place of emulation but inspiration, which allows him to pull it off without anybody second guessing his intentions. (Hellcat)