Rockstar's Latest Racket VIDEOGAME

After years braving the slings and arrows of campaigning politicians, Grand Theft Auto developers Rockstar have returned to the wellspring for Table Tennis, a post-millennial update of the game that started it all: PONG. Though incredibly simple in both concept and execution, it’s actually their first foray into the next-gen. The Xbox 360’s added oomph is not wasted — the seemingly perfect rapid-fire ball physics, photorealistic sweat droplets and ping-pong player facial grimaces are powered by their new RAGE engine, which will next be employed for GTA IV. Yet this laser-focused game is also refreshingly uncomplicated. Where it truly hits an ace, though, is online. Xbox Live can be frustrating for those who don’t enjoy being beaten by ten-year-olds, but Table Tennis’s fast learning curve will have you exchanging intensely frenetic 50-smash rallies against unseen opponents from around the world. So let Hillary Clinton try to slam Rockstar’s new title — she’d be better off giving it a little topspin.