Rockets! We Are the Great Canadian Shield

Honesty is a scary thing. Numerous attempts have been made but to come across a piece of music crafted without the slightest pretension or gimmick is a rare find. To write such honest music is an even more difficult feat and surprisingly, is a skill these young Barrie, ON dwelling musicians so flawlessly possess. Their debut album, which was produced by Ryan Mills (the Most Serene Republic), is an epic indie rock masterpiece. But it’s not the "indie rock” Canada’s used to unveiling — there are no jangling guitars and schizo wailing, no sunny lyrics with excessive capo usage but, yes, there are harmonica moments of unadulterated eloquence. There may also be ridiculously catchy hooks and yes, you may come across one of the sickest grindcore breakdowns ever and throat shredding vocals that will shake the skin right off your body. It may also be possible to find yourself wrapped up in the hand claps and group chants of such evolutionary bridges, like the one that graces "MTV Gary Get in da Pool.” Intertwined in the nine illuminating songs is the raw intensity of early Cursive (without as many theatrics) or Bright Eyes while allowing bursts of chaos — antics Daughters make such good use of — and the focused lyrical structures evoke comparisons to the Constantines or other storytellers like Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen. Such genre bending should be illegal but when done with such charm and innocence it is easily welcomed. You want honesty? You want passion? You want magic? Look no further.

(Meadows Collective)